Friday, January 28, 2011

Woman-Girl-Doll: The Beginnings

Woman-Girl-Doll from Whitney Warne on Vimeo.

Sorry about the quality. It doesn't compress well for Vimeo. I'll figure this out.

Here is the beginnings of an idea. The bare bones of the process and direction. Thoughts I'm ruminating on/around/above and below:

A.) The need to construct and deconstruct ideas of gender/femininity.
B.) Need to MAINTAIN control over performance of gender/femininity.
C.) Traditional vs. Contemporary standards of lady-like behavior.
D.) Standardization of dolls given to little girl. Who plays with dolls and what kind of women do they become. What if the dolls became the women that played with them.
E.) Do you have to rebel to be liberated? Does liberation dictate a change in appearance or only a change in mindset?
F.) The doll moves back and forth between tradition and liberation. Is she struggling? Is this reality? What does she gain through either transformation? What does she loose? Is it important that she is liberated? Is this reality?

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